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  • Very prompt response and very helpful therapists.
  • Didn't know where to turn. The website was easy to use. Thank you.
  • The work was all done for me and it helped me make a decision more quickly.
  • The service was simple and straight forward. I selected a therapist and within an hour I had arranged an appointment. Would definitely use this service again.
  • An excellent service which allowed me to find the therapist I needed with total discretion.
  • Easy to use and clear. Found a great counsellor. Thanks.
  • The service is extremely useful and easy to use.
  • RSCPP is so easy and seamless to use that I almost forgot its key role in leading me to the excellent therapist I found. Great search function. Many thanks.
  • A quick response from all. Overall excellent service.
  • This is a wonderful site and very helpful. It was a stab in the dark for me, and it made me feel so good to find it so fast and easy.
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