• "I wanted to thank you for your website which has brought me a good amount of work."
    Rob Mayne, March 2017

    "I appreciate everything you do and how it helps my practice."
    David Monks, January 2017

    "Iím really pleased and appreciative of the good and innovative work thatís happening at RSCPP."
    Ian Tromp, April 2015

  • "I would like to express my thanks at how simple the whole process has been. I am delighted with the service as a therapist."
    Christina Juliff-Wells, November 2014

    "The referrals have been very welcome and of good quality."
    Dr. Ralph Holtom, October 2014

    "Very professional and useful."
    Dr. Rupert Nieboer, October 2014

  • "Many thanks for the efficiency of your system and the referrals!"
    John Dixon, February 2014

    "My appreciation for the way your service works... as it's been working well - for therapist & clients alike"
    Jaimie Cahlil, January 2014

    "I'm very impressed with the speed of your responses. It's very much quicker than most of the other websites I deal with."
    Barbara Kelly, October 2013

  • "Your website produced a result far quicker than directories I use!"
    Alex Dalziel, September 2013

    "I'm a very satisfied user of your website. Many thanks for the service."
    Dona Manglani, September 2013

    "Many thanks for your very professional and efficient service."
    Katrina Likhtman, August 2013

  • "Promoting my services through the RSCPP website has helped considerably in the growth of my psychotherapy practice."
    Howard Tonkin, August 2013

    "I'm very pleased so far with the service you provide. I got another client today."
    Niamh Moriarty, July 2013

    "Thanks for your ongoing support, I feel the service you provide is very valuable and professional."
    Anna Morgan, June 2013

  • "You have a fantastic referral service and I recommend it to all colleagues and supervisees."
    Patricia McEntee, June 2013

    "RSCPP has been the single most reliable source of referrals since I joined some time ago."
    Dr. Birgitta Heiller, April 2013

    "I have just received my first referral after joining yesterday...what a good start!"
    Sarah Calvert, February 2013

  • "I have found your site to be fantastically well designed and extremely effective and to thank you for the service. It has been invaluable as a way to build a practice."
    Dr. Julianna Challenor, January 2013

    "Thanks for a brilliant site, I am very grateful to you!"
    Penny Brownjohn, January 2013

    "Thank you for making the application process very straightforward and easy to manage."
    Dr. Rosemary Rizq, January 2013

  • "I would just like to say that I really like the efficient and clear way RSCPP operates and I am pleased to be part of it."
    Sonya Steller, November 2012

    "RSCPP really is a great site, and I have recommended it to several therapists!"
    Tonia Garrett, November 2012

    "Many thanks for the work you're bringing me!"
    Stephen Westcott, October 2012

  • "It is great news to get a referral so quickly so thank you, the system clearly works."
    Tina Duffy, May 2012

    "It seems to be a very well run website and comes highly recommended from a colleague"
    Michael Friedrich, May 2012

    "RSCPP has been the single most reliable source of referrals since I joined some time ago."
    Dr. Birgitta Heiller, April 2012

  • "The success rate of RSCPP in actually providing the therapist with clients is admirable: much, much, more referrals than all the other sites achieve."
    David Soetendorp, November 2011

    "Many thanks for your successful website. It has given me a successful private practice."
    Fran Hornsby, November 2011

    "I am very happy with RSCPP. It provided a platform for me to find clients."
    Janet Kaplan, October 2011

  • "I have found RSCPP a good source of referrals and the process simple and professional."
    Patricia McEntee, September 2011

    "I do so appreciate how quickly you always get back to me."
    John Spearman, September 2011

    "RSCPP is effective in getting new counselling and psychotherapy clients."
    Dr. Aileen Alleyne, May 2011

  • "I am pleased to have had a referral from RSCPP very soon after joining!"
    Steve Martyn, March 2011

    "I really like RSCPP. It has enabled me to build up my practice."
    Carol Watkins, January 2011

    "I am very pleased with the amount of business I am getting via you guys, and for the work you put into it."
    Nadia Al-Khudhairy, March 2010

  • "It's a pleasure doing business with you"
    Carol Watkins, March 2010

    "This network has worked well for me as a Counsellor and the service provided has proved straightforward and professional and I will continue to use their services."
    Brenda Silverman, March 2010

    "I just wanted to mention that I recommended RSCPP to my colleague and she received 2 queries last Monday so is very pleased."
    Karen Deeming, November 2009

  • "Still can't believe how many referrals I'm getting from you."
    Ruth Clarke, August 2009

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Apply to Join RSCPP as a Therapist

To join RSCPP you must be a counsellor, psychotherapist, psychoanalyst, psychologist or psychiatrist with the appropriate, current and verifiable BABCP/BACP/COSRT Accreditation, BPS Chartership (with HCPC Registration for Protected Titles), BACP/BPC/CP-UK/HCPC/NCS/UKCP Registration or GMC Specialist Registration and Licence (with RCPSYCH Membership), professional insurance, independent clinical supervision (RSCPP will not contact your supervisor), be able to promptly contact self-referrals (self-referrals enter their details on therapist's web profiles contact forms then RSCPP emails and texts the details to therapists), work with clinical independence and be self-employed.
Clients find the 2,418 therapist's RSCPP web profiles via Google and location searches on the RSCPP Find a Therapist search box. 91% of therapists on RSCPP for more than 3 months have received enquiries, 79% have new clients, 1 therapist - 150 clients since joining.
RSCPP is unique - the only website providing therapists with free self-editable web profiles, accurate data on actual client numbers, and only charging therapists when clients attend. Other sites charge upfront annual fees, cite 'hits' but not actual client numbers, and keep fees when no clients are forthcoming.
RSCPP charges therapists 20% plus VAT of the session rates therapists set and display on their RSCPP web profiles for all the face to face sessions RSCPP self-referrals attend. Therapists log-in to self-invoice and securely pay at rscpp.co.uk or by bank transfer. 
RSCPP connects therapists with clients across the UK. Clients have unique needs and a choice of different therapists helps them find the right one. Apply, even if a therapist near you is on RSCPP or be the first in your area. If you are part of a practice your colleagues can individually join to create more referral sources to it. RSCPP will guide you through the application and provide information in situ. Cancellation notice: upon request.


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  • Clinical Services are provided by you as a Therapist - not by RSCPP.
  • Clinical Services are only for adult UK residents / UK cardholders.
  • RSCPP charges you 20% plus VAT of the session rates you set and display on your RSCPP web profile for all the face to face sessions RSCPP self-referrals attend.
  • You must have and maintain verifiable professional details: BABCP/BACP/COSRT Accreditation, BPS Chartership (with HCPC Registration for Protected Titles), BACP/BPC/CP-UK/HCPC/NCS/UKCP Registration or GMC Specialist Registration and Licence (with RCPSYCH Membership), professional insurance and independent regular clinical supervision.
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