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Types of Therapy

The practice of the therapists we work with is underpinned with at least one of the following approaches:

Our therapists are skilled and highly trained practitioners so many of them will be qualified in more than one of these areas. When choosing a therapist the best thing to do is talk to them rather than worry too much about the technical definitions of what they do. Focus on the way that they communicate with you and if you feel comfortable with it then they are probably a good match for you.

You may have heard of other types of therapy such as Psychodynamic Counselling, or things like Music Therapy or Art Therapy. These are all equally valid. In fact there are 37 different approaches that we recognise. In this section you can read about the main five and using the search tool you can find therapists based on all of the disciplines they practise.

Therapy can be undertaken Face to Face:

Updated 03 January 2019