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Susan Hall - Registered Counsellor
Susan Hall
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  • Registered Counsellor
  • Last Check 22/01/2019 | Next Check 22/02/2019
  • Higher Lane, Lymm, WA13 0BY
  • Multiple times available +
    • Tue
    • Wed
    • Thu
  • Individual £40
  • Known to RSCPP 2+ years
  • 52% of enquirers became clients
  • 1 review 
"Sue is the best therapist I was fortunate enough to find. She is extremely understanding and knows how to engage with people. Without ever judging me, Sue was able to gently help me see things differently and to make decisions myself that would benefit my long term well being and emotional health etc. She has inspired me to see myself differently (in a good way!) and has helped me to regain the confidence and self esteem I never thought I would. It's because of my sessions with Sue that I am the happy person that I am today. Thank you so much. x."