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Nicky Meux - Registered Counsellor
Nicky Meux
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  • Registered Counsellor
  • Last Check 23/02/2019 | Next Check 23/03/2019
  • Diploma Counselling
  • Verified 23/10/2014
  • Fourteen Acre Avenue, Felpham, Bognor Regis, PO22 8GH
  • Multiple times available +
    • Mon
    • Tue
    • Wed
    • Fri
    • Sat
  • Individual 35 Couple 50
  • Known to RSCPP 4+ years
  • 50% of enquirers became clients
  • 8 reviews 
"Nicky has been an enormous help to me; listening past the words and understanding the emotions beneath. She is able to ask the right (sometimes tough) questions at the right time, prompting real growth and understanding. Whatever the 'x' factor is, I would suggest she has it. The fact that sessions are less structured mean free-form dynamics, this allowed for her to help me confront issues without the stream of conversation feeling forced or un-natural. I would highly reccomend Nicky." - Alex, 22