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Nicky Meux - Registered Counsellor
Nicky Meux
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  • Registered Counsellor
  • Last Check 22/01/2019 | Next Check 22/02/2019
  • Fourteen Acre Avenue, Felpham, Bognor Regis, PO22 8GH
  • Multiple times available +
    • Mon
    • Tue
    • Wed
    • Fri
    • Sat
  • Individual 35 Couple 50
  • Known to RSCPP 4+ years
  • 49% of enquirers became clients
  • 8 reviews 
"Nicky is kind, caring, gentle and genuine. She provided me with ways to re-think and change my thought patterns, grow in confidence and develop my sense of self-worth. I highly recommend Nicky to everyone - a very trustworthy person to open up to which is not easy to do."