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Emma Smith - Registered Counsellor
Emma Smith
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  • Registered Counsellor
  • Last Check 24/03/2019 | Next Check 24/04/2019
  • Glaziers Lane, Normandy, Guildford, GU3 2DT
  • Multiple times available +
    • Fri
    • Sat
  • Individual £50 Couple £70
  • Known to RSCPP 4+ years
  • 61% of enquirers became clients
  • 8 reviews 
"Therapy is only effective if you feel empowered to bare your soul to your therapist. Emma put me at ease immediately, empowering me to be completely honest. Emma is thoughtful and perceptive. She goes to great lengths to understand the context of an issue, asking thoughtful questions in the process, rather than leaping to generic remedies. Therapy is not a silver bullet. At best it can open your eyes to an alternative way of thinking about your issues and negative thoughts. Emma is brilliantly qualified to help you do that. Id recommend her to anyone." - Henry, 30
Glenda Page - Registered Counsellor
Glenda Page
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  • Registered Counsellor
  • Last Check 23/03/2019 | Next Check 23/04/2019
  • Graduate Degree Psychotherapy
  • Verified 09/08/2017
  • Semaphore Road, Guildford, GU1 3PS
  • Multiple times available +
    • Mon
    • Tue
    • Wed
    • Thu
  • Individual 50 Couple 70
  • Known to RSCPP 4+ years
  • 26% of enquirers became clients