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Peter Cockersell
Psychotherapist in Vauxhall - Registered 17+ Years

Registered Psychotherapist Peter Cockersell
Full address provided upon booking, Fentiman Road
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  • Individual £60 - 50 minutes
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General Availability

  • Weekday Daytimes
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Issue Covered

  • Abuse
  • Alcohol Dependence
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Bereavement
  • Borderline Personality
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Relationship Problems
  • Schizophrenia
  • Self Esteem
  • Self Harm
  • Sexual Problems
  • Stress


  • Psychotherapy
  • Psychodynamic Therapy
  • Psychoanalytic Therapy

More Detail

17+ Years Post-Registration Experience

Hi. I'm Peter. I'm a registered psychotherapist - I assist individuals with their emotional wellbeing. I have private and public sector experience as a psychotherapist. My interest includes abuse, alcohol dependence, anger and bereavement, and the particular challenges experienced by men and women.

What to Expect

An introductory assessment appointment enables you to discover if you feel comfortable with me, discuss what concerns you, ask questions, clarify confidentiality, and determine if therapy could help you. Please use a contact option on the right to book an introductory assessment meeting in Vauxhall, London or Winchester.

Psychoanalytic Therapy

Psychoanalytic therapy concentrates on the unconscious meaning of the problems you encounter. It facilitates your consciousness of some of your unconscious. The aim of psychoanalytic therapy is for you to gain personal insight and utilise it if you decide to.

Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic therapy focuses on the unconscious causes of the issues you experience. It facilitates you in being aware of parts of your inner dynamics. Psychodynamic therapy seeks to increase your self-comprehension to give you options.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) (England and Wales) recommends psychodynamic therapy for depression and self harm.


Psychotherapy focuses on you, and you gaining insight into the problems you face. It considers your ideas, emotions and significant events in your history. Psychotherapy aims to help you develop or discover appropriate ways of managing.

Thoughts on Mental Health

A brilliant book about parenting teenagers and how teenagers' minds work - and, on top of that, a good read.
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Schizophrenia, like any psychotic condition, often has multiple causes, including disturbances in the developmental processes associated with thought and emotion regulation in early childhood. These disturbances may be linked to trauma or abuse, but may also be more subtly linked to parental care-giving style. For some people, these disturbances in development have then been compounded by other difficult life experiences, or compound trauma.
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There are many ways you can be abused - physical, sexual, psychological, emotional, financial, or by neglect - and each has its own nuances, but I think there is a fundamental commonality between them: the experience of an attack on your personal boundaries and personal integrity, and of your sense of self being threatened. This leads to various responses, such as fear of strangers or intimates, difficulty in trusting others or even yourself, perhaps some shame and/or guilt, rage, bitterness, hurt - betrayal when abuse is by someone you have trusted. Often people feel all these things, and more. It can be very difficult to talk about because of all these feelings, and because it is often hard to admit that you have been abused. It is very, very personal and you may feel it was in some way at least partially your own fault or responsibility.
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Christmas is widely publicised as a time for joy and a time for families. For a lot of people that is difficult - they may not have families, there may be sorrow associated with family because of bereavement or other loss, or there may even be fear and trauma associated with family. Much mental distress is associated with family relationship difficulties, past or present. The 'dissonance' - the fact that it doesn't tally with your experience - between the message of a 'happy Christmas' with your family and the reality of time with or without family sharpens distress at this time. Whether your mental health is otherwise good or bad, this can be a difficult time. Therapy can help by giving you a space to share these feelings, by helping you understand what's behind them, and by supporting you to develop more emotional resilience so you can make the best of whatever the deal is that life has dealt you.
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A Psychotherapist is someone who has been trained in the theory of how the 'psyche' - in other words, processes such as mental development, thinking, relating, feeling, experiencing - works, and who has had a number of years of supervised clinical practice under the scrutiny of a training organisation. They have then been judged as competent by a registering body, such as BACP, BCP or UKCP. Psychotherapists may be trained primarily in psychoanalytic, psychodynamic, cognitive, Rogerian or other forms of psychotherapy but many are, in practice, 'eclectic' or 'integrative' - in other words they use different methods or techniques, or combinations of techniques, according to the particular client or situation they are working with.
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The causes of BPD lie in problems, ruptures or disturbances in the early experience of care, often compounded by other losses or disruptions in childhood, adolescence or adulthood. In essence, some of the developmental processes associated with good early care were interrupted or didn't happen at all.
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Qualifications Timeline

Psychotherapy by Public Works - Recovery through Public Works - A Psychodynamic Perspective on Change and Complexity at Personal and Organisational and Social Levels
Middlesex University with Metanoia Institute (UK)
Graduate Degree
Intercultural Therapy
University of London University College London (UK)
Intercultural Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
Nafsiyat (UK)
UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) Registered Psychotherapist

Peter abides by the Code of Ethics of the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).

Location Detail

My Consulting Address is in easy reach of

South Lambeth, Oval, Vauxhall, Kennington, Stockwell, Lambeth, Pimlico, Nine Elms, Camberwell, Clapham North, North Lambeth, Battersea Park, Walworth, London, City of Westminster, Westminster, Elephant And Castle, Brixton, Victoria, Newington

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  • London Victoria (1.5 miles)

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Wheelchair access: Yes

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