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Sexual and Relationship Therapy

How Personal Issues Arise - A Sexual and Relationship Therapy View

The causes of sexual problems may be physical, psychological, or both. Sexual problems, or issues such as affairs, life events, debt, disagreements, work stress, family problems or physical illness, may cause personal relationship problems. Anxiety may exist around sexual performance and what is 'normal'.
Three Sexual and Relationship Therapy Concepts about the Mind
  • People in a relationship may struggle with communication or their differences
  • Sexual problems prevent an individual or couple from obtaining sexual enjoyment
  • A sexual response cycle involves desire, excitement, orgasm, and resolution

    The Client - Sexual and Relationship Therapy Therapist Relationship

    The client talks about the problems. The therapist helps the client think through the problems and explores if and how they are related to other areas of the client's life. Therapy may involve the therapist making suggestions or offering techniques to improve sexual wellbeing or communication.

    The Aim of Sexual and Relationship Therapy

    To communicate well within a personal relationship or improve sexual difficulties.