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Reality Therapy

How Personal Issues Arise - A Reality Therapy View

A person has needs including survival, love, power, freedom and fun. Unacknowledged or unsatisfied needs lead to misery rather than action to fulfill them. The person is unaware they have a choice over how they, and not others, think, act and feel.

Three Reality Therapy Concepts about the Mind
  • Anxiety follows a choice to be anxious rather than fulfill a need
  • Depression follows a choice to be depressed rather than fulfill a need
  • Phobia follows a choice to be phobic rather then fulfill a need

The Client - Reality Therapist Relationship

The therapist assists the client to identify their needs and be aware of the choices they make. The focus is on the client changing thoughts and actions and taking responsibility for making choices that work for them. The client learns to self evaluate and plans to fulfill their needs.

The Aim of Reality Therapy

To help the client help themself.