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What is Psychology?

Psychology focuses on you, your mind, feelings and behaviour. It is often called 'the science of the mind', but it is much more than just research. When practiced by an experienced therapist it will offer you wellbeing support and psychological treatments. It's objective is to alleviate the negative or difficult symptoms you are experiencing.

How does Psychology work?

There are many different types of psychological therapy and your therapist may use one or draw from many when working with you. Most will first go through an information-gathering phase with you to understand exactly what the issues you need address are. This may include some psychological testing as well as talking methods. They will work with you to identify some goals. Then they will identify a suitable psychological treatment. This can be a powerful way of targeting specific symptoms or behaviours to create change.

The benefits of Psychology

  • The opportunity to explore your issues under the objective view of a trained psychologist in a safe environment.
  • A deeper understanding of your issue or condition.
  • Through your therapist, access to a wide range of psychological techniques and treatments that can be tailored for your particular needs to help alleviate your symptoms.

Updated 03 January 2019