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What is Psychoanalysis?

Psychoanalysis focuses on your unconscious and the way it affects your behaviour, wellbeing and feelings. You may have heard about Psychoanalysis in the context of Freud, but the practice has developed a huge amount since it was born. It is powerful because it helps you to access and analyse unconscious thoughts and drives that are affecting how you function, which otherwise would remain in the shadows. Having this deep knowledge will allow you to see all the choices available to you.

How does Psychoanalysis work?

Your psychoanalyst will help you to understand the unconscious and hidden sources and significance of particular difficulties. These unconscious sources are often driven by early childhood experiences and relationships so you will be encouraged to explore those. Your psychoanalyst will help you to overcome your own resistance to the surfacing of unconscious thoughts and drives and enable you to bring them into the conscious. This is a powerful way of facing life issues and mental health problems. It will give you deep insight and allow you to make positive choices, supported by your analyst.

The benefits of Psychoanalysis

  • It will help you to obtain an extremely deep understanding of yourself and what drives you.
  • It may help you to deal with difficult issues from the past that you did not realise were affecting you.
  • It gives you the knowledge to change your behaviour fundamentally.

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