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Narrative Therapy

How Personal Issues Arise - A Narrative Therapy View

A narrative is a person's story about their life. It influences their identity, relationships and experiences. Problems are a part of life. They result from the norms promoted by culture and society. When a person thinks, feels and acts in ways contrary to the norms, confusion, distress and a sense of failure follow.

Three Narrative Therapy Concepts about the Mind

  • A person?s concept of a problem, rather than a psychological issue, blocks change
  • When a person is upset, a problem saturated narrative dominates
  • A narrative can be self fulfilling and self reinforcing

The Client - Narrative Therapy Therapist Relationship

The client tells their story. The therapist helps the client to recall their life more completely, in order to allow a more helpful perspective of themself and the problem to emerge. The new and enriched story is the material from which changes in thinking, feeling and behaving derive.

The Aim of Narrative Therapy

To overcome problems in living and relating.