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Multicultural Therapy

How Personal Issues Arise - A Multicultural Therapy View

A person's cultural identity involves both their culture and the wider society they live in. A culturally unaware child becomes more aware as an adult. They may turn to, or from their culture, or value both it and the wider society. A narrow worldview and lack of acceptance contribute to cultural issues.
Three Multicultural Therapy Concepts about the Mind
  • Individualistic cultures stress self achievement, self identity, self reliance and self responsibility
  • Collectivistic cultures stress collective achievement and responsibility and dependence on others
  • Cultures stress either thinking or feeling, free will or determinism, the material or the spiritual

The Client - Multicultural Therapy Therapist Relationship

The client may discuss post traumatic stress, acculturation, cross cultural relationships, intergenerational conflict, discrimination or marginalisation. The therapist assists the client with symptom relief, self awareness, assertiveness or personal growth. Therapy focuses on support and cultural awareness. 

The Aim of Multicultural Therapy

To address the role of cultural factors in both the formation and relief of issues.