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Logo Therapy

How Personal Issues Arise - A Logo Therapy View

Meaning in life is important as a person needs a reason to live. Modern culture and excessive self focusing block finding meaning beyond oneself. An existential vacuum emerges of apathy, boredom, meaninglessness, emptiness and futility leading to addiction, aggression, depression or suicide.

Three Logo Therapy Concepts about the Mind
  • A person cannot escape choices in life
  • Life is transitory and finite and there to be sculpted
  • A person is responsible for actively finding meaning in their life and not passively receiving it

The Client - Logo Therapist Relationship

The therapist helps the client assume responsibility for identifying meaning in life through a broad search of work, love or suffering which reorients the client towards their existence. There is a focus on making unconscious potential conscious. Apathy, boredom and meaninglessness diminish as meaning emerges.

The Aim of Logo Therapy

To find meaning in one?s life.