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Jungian Analysis

How Personal Issues Arise - A Jungian View

Childhood issues are mainly due to parenting. Issues in young adulthood arise from not escaping childhood. Middle age issues arise from not escaping young adulthood. Life is a series of stages with particular challenges in each one.

    Three Jungian Concepts about the Mind

    • Personas are systems of adaptation to the external world
    • Introversion is a conscious internal world interest and unconscious external world interest
    • Extraversion is a conscious external world interest and unconscious internal world interest

    The Client - Jungian Analyst Relationship

    The client shares their issues, inhibitions and dreams. The analyst tailors the analysis to the client?s personality, stage in life and issues. The analysis may entail the four stages of confession, elucidation, education and transformation.

      The Aim of a Jungian Analysis

      Adaptation to life stages or self realisation.