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Humanistic Therapy

How Personal Issues Arise - A Humanistic Therapy View

A person may think or behave in ways which are not in harmony with a human tendency to become a unique individual. They may not acknowledge or experience their emotions or feelings. These processes may reduce their creativity, ability to make choices, cause stuckness and stifle their personal growth.
Three Humanistic Therapy Concepts about the Mind
  • A person is inherently good
  • A person has abilities to develop their human potential
  • It is important to consider the whole of a person rather than just aspects of them

The Client - Humanistic Therapy Therapist Relationship

The client talks about the problems. The therapist considers the client's existence, through exploration of ideas which may include freedom, human potential, meaning, personal responsibility, self actualisation, spirituality, tragedy, and values. Therapy focuses on the healthy capabilities of the client.

The Aim of Humanistic Therapy

To develop personal strengths and a more healthy sense of self.