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The Benefits of Therapy

Therapy can be a hugely positive force. It is a powerful way of taking control of aspects of your life that you may be dissatisfied with. Or of issues that you feel are overwhelming you and affecting your ability to function well. Depending on the issue at hand and the therapy type used the benefits can be:

  • Relief from a range of symptoms including things like anxiety and depression
  • Finding ways forward through a difficult period in your life
  • Working towards acceptance of a difficult situation, for example illness or bereavement
  • A better ability to manage and cope with an ongoing situation such as pain or the stress of caring for a sick family member
  • A greater understanding of, and ability to articulate the things that influence your behaviours and feelings, and the ways you can effect them positively
  • Tools to help yourself in the future


Why use RSCPP

RSCPP only work with therapists that reach accreditation, registration, or chartered membership of a professional body. We have done the hard work for you identifying the therapists that can provide a truly quality service.

Our search tool has been refined over a number of years based on the feedback of our customers. The information we keep on our therapists is constantly updated and you can easily find people near you that fit your needs. You can read testimonials from people who have found their ideal therapist through our website.

Updated 03 January 2019