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Gestalt Therapy

How Personal Issues Arise - A Gestalt View

A child?s contact with the world is interrupted by their parents dos and do nots, shoulds and should nots. The interruptions are introjected and used in adulthood to self interrupt. The result can be a difficulty in balancing internal needs and external demands.

Three Gestalt Concepts about the Mind
  • A gestalt is a cycle of experience that starts with a need being sensed
  • An interrupted gestalt results in a need not being satisfied and interest in it not being withdrawn
  • Anxiety is caused when excitement is blocked or controlled

The Client - Gestalt Therapist Relationship

The client discusses the problems they are experiencing. The therapist concentrates from moment to moment on the client?s experience and problem solving. The therapist helps the client towards an awareness of when they self interrupt and what they interrupt.

The Aim of Gestalt Therapy

To be aware of one's own needs and take responsibility for satisfying them.