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Freudian Analysis

How Personal Issues Arise - A Freudian View

In early childhood a child forms ideas about the significant people in their life. In adulthood most of early childhood is forgotten and the ideas are unconscious. The unconscious ideas about others affect the adult who is only aware of the resulting issues.
    Three Freudian Concepts about the Mind
    • The id represents life and death drives and can cause anxiety in the ego
    • The ego mediates demands from the external world, the id and the super ego
    • The super ego is the introjected voice of parents and authority and can cause guilt and shame

      The Analysand - Freudian Analyst Relationship

      The analysand free associates by saying what is on their mind without censorship. The analyst listens attentively and makes timely interpretations of the transference. Transference is the analysand's emerging unconscious ideas about others.

        The Aim of a Freudian Analysis

        To bring unconscious ideas into consciousness where they can be worked through.