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Face to Face Therapy

Face to face therapy is the most flexible and comprehensive contact method. You will meet your therapist at a fixed and private location, usually their consulting rooms for about an hour, although your first session may be longer.

Who can benefit from face to face therapy?

Anyone who needs therapy can benefit from Face to Face therapy. It is particularly effective as it allows the therapist to assess your whole self: your body language as well as what you say and what you find it difficult to talk about. It also requires a certain amount of commitment and discipline from you to attend the sessions which can be helpful in building your active participation in the process.

Face to face therapy works well for individuals and is also the only contact method that works with couples, groups and families.


There are over 1,184 highly qualified therapists in 1,629 locations across the UK offering face to face therapy that meet our stringent standards. Sessions cost between £25 - £265 each and very according to region, type of therapy and expertise of therapist.

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Updated 03 January 2019