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Existential Therapy

How Personal Issues Arise - A Existential Therapy View

A person is subject to the widespread collectivist and conformist trends in their society. The person represses their individual sense of being. Existential concerns arise causing anxiety and anxiety defences are used until they stop working or self responsibility for creating personal meaning emerges.

Three Existential Therapy Concepts about the Mind
  • Anxiety is an unavoidable part of human life
  • Anxiety flows from encountering death, freedom, isolation and meaninglessness
  • Anxiety defences include belief in a saviour, compulsive behaviour, narcissism and nihilism

The Client - Existential Therapist Relationship

The therapist helps the client to identify the existential conflict, the defence and its negative consequences. The conflict is understood in relation to death, freedom, isolation or meaninglessness. The therapist focuses on helping the client diminish or come to terms with the anxieties of existence.

The Aim of Existential Therapy

To transcend past and present and create the future.