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Eclectic Therapy

How Personal Issues Arise - An Eclectic Therapy View

People are unique in the ways they experience problems. Problems arise for various reasons - childhood experiences, adulthood experiences, and conscious or unconscious ideas. Various therapeutic approaches exist. One therapeutic approach may not suit all people or all problems.
Three Eclectic Therapy Concepts about the Mind
  • Eclectic therapy draws from various therapeutic approaches
  • A therapeutic approach is chosen that best suits a client's needs
  • A therapeutic approach is chosen that is suitable for the problem

The Client - Eclectic Therapy Therapist Relationship

The client discusses the problem they are experiencing, and their needs and goals. The therapist considers all these factors when deciding which therapeutic approach or approaches to use. Therapy involves the therapist drawing from various therapeutic approaches as and when they are needed.

The Aim of Eclectic Therapy

To use the most appropriate therapeutic approach for a problem.