Samaritans Radar app - is it helpful or harmful?

by Sarah Graham
Tuesday 04 November 2014
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Last week, suicide prevention charity The Samaritans announced the launch of a new app, Samaritans Radar, designed to monitor Twitter feeds and alert other users if people they follow appear to be suicidal. The app works by identifying key words and phrases that suggest the Twitter user is in distress, such as "depressed", "help me" and "hate myself".

Public reactions have so far been mixed, with some praising the app as a life-saving intervention, and others raising concerns about privacy and whether the app will put people off discussing their mental health on social media. We look at some of Twitter's reactions.

We'd also love to hear where you stand - do you think the app sounds helpful or harmful? Will it affect the way you discuss your mental health condition on social media. Let us know on Twitter @RSCPP or Facebook


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Updated 24 November 2014