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NHS launches directory of mental health apps

by Sarah Graham
Friday 27 March 2015
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The NHS this week launched its Mental Health Apps Library, the first directory of its kind listing digital resources for mental health that are endorsed by the health service.

Launched on Tuesday 24 March, the library is available to access via the NHS Choices website, and aims to improve patient access to digital self-help tools. According to PharmaTimes, "Around 15% of the UK population is estimated to have a common mental health disorder, but a significant number find it difficult to seek help through traditional routes. Health officials are hoping that such patients may find it easier to get treatment through online therapy, which offers flexible access as well as discretion for those worried about stigma and privacy."

The third-party apps listed in the library are all proven to be effective in improving mental health outcomes, and include 'Mindfulness by Digipill', a guided meditation app; 'Moodbug', which allows users to track and share their moods; and 'SAM: Self-help for Anxiety Management', as well as many more.

Geraldine Strathdee, NHS England's Clinical Director for Mental Health, told PharmaTimes: "Increasing access to digital services which support those suffering with mental health difficulties will help people get the right care, at the right time".

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg also praised the launch, saying it "showcases the NHS at its best - pioneering new ways of treating and supporting some of the most vulnerable in our society, harnessing innovative technology to help build a fairer society for us all".

Click here to access the Mental Health Apps Library - and let us know which you find most helpful via Twitter, @RSCPP.

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Updated 27 March 2015