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World Mental Health Day: The statistics on schizophrenia

by Sarah Graham
Thursday 09 October 2014
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As part of our World Mental Health Day 2014 article series, we take a look at the statistics on schizophrenia, both globally and from the RSCPP website.

Schizophrenia globally | Create Infographics

Sources: World Federation of Mental Health,, and


For more information on schizophrenia, see our articles on:

World Mental Health Day, recognising and challenging the stigmatisation of schizoprenia, and ten ways to live well with schizophrenia.

Finding support

If you are concerned about Schizophrenia then you may like to read about finding the right therapist for you. If this route is not appropriate for you, your GP can assess you and direct you towards support.

Find a Therapist working with Schizophrenia

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Updated 09 October 2014