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Client Centred Therapy

How Personal Issues Arise - A Client Centred View

The self concept of a person is introjected from their parents and others. A self concept includes how a person should be and how to feel if they are not. A low self concept can distort or deny positive experiences and cause issues.
Three Client Centred Concepts about the Mind
  • Being open to experiences widens perception and choice
  • Rigidity and lack of reality testing are common processes in a low self concept
  • A person has an inherent tendency to develop toward their full potential

The Client - Client Centred Therapist Relationship

The client expresses experiences and explores feelings and sets goals at their own pace. The therapist shows unconditional positive regard, congruence and empathy to foster growth. The therapist assists the client to find their own answer that is right for them.

The Aim of Client Centred Therapy

To fulfill one?s unique potential and become one?s own person.