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Behaviour Therapy

How Personal Issues Arise - A Behaviour Therapy View

Behaviour is learnt through conditioned and reinforced responses to objects and situations. The behaviour of a person can be adaptive or maladaptive. Faulty learning can cause a person to experience issues such as anxiety or depression.
Three Behaviour Therapy Concepts about the Mind
  • Training in physical and mental relaxation techniques can release tension
  • Systematic desensitisation uses relaxation to diminish fear of objects or situations
  • Prolonged and repeated graduated exposure to a feared object or situation lessens fear

The Client - Behaviour Therapist Relationship

The therapist helps the client explore the how, when, where and what of the maladaptive behaviour. Therapy may involve relaxation training, systematic desensitisation, graduated exposure, or assertiveness training. The client learns how to plan, implement and reinforce adaptive behaviours.

The Aim of Behaviour Therapy

To strengthen adaptive behaviours and weaken maladaptive behaviours.