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Gay Affirmative Therapy for Brighton

By Dr. Aileen Alleyne DPsych MA Counselling & Psychotherapy
Dr. Aileen Alleyne offers Counselling, Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR), Psychotherapy
Gay, lesbian and bisexual people have the same problems as everyone else – problems with themselves, with their partners or families, with their friends or at work. But they may experience these problems in different ways, or in different contexts, from their heterosexual fellows. And they may have problems all their own – problems that come from being in a minority, or from not being fully accepted, or from not being sure how best to live out their own sexual identity.
Gay affirmative therapy exists to help gay, lesbian and bisexual people actualise their fullest potentials and live their lives to the full.
Are you perhaps at the very beginning of exploring your identity, unsure of your sexuality and possibly afraid of what it may be? This in itself can be frightening and undermining, and you may feel you need help with it.  
Or perhaps you are sure of your orientation but still experience difficulty in accepting it as a happy and positive thing. Perhaps you are struggling with some of the wide range of issues associated with coming out as gay, lesbian or bisexual.  This is often a daunting business. You may be at a cross-roads with your sexual identity because of internalized homophobia. You may feel some inner alienation, or the need of support with self-esteem and confidence. You may be worried about possible rejection, or about causing distress for people you love. Any of these can be major issues, able to cause you worry and unhappiness. You may well feel you need help to find your own best path through the various troubles that may be involved.

Or if you are fully accepting of your sexual identity, you may none the less have difficulties with relationships, or with your family, or at work. Or you may need help with issues of parenting, or with problems arising from a possible clash between your sexuality and religious faith. Gay, lesbian and bisexual people, even when fully sure of themselves and happy with their orientation, may encounter various problems relating to others, who may be less understanding. Here too there is help that can be given.

Gay affirmative therapy offers you the help with an experienced, professional psychotherapist and counsellor, able to talk – and help you to talk – about a whole range of personal and emotional problems. The underlying assumption in such conversations is always an acceptance of your gay sexuality as a legitimate personal choice. The therapy encourages acceptance of an individual’s sexual orientation and assumes that your sexuality, like anyone else’s, ought to be positive matter, for affirmation, rather than something to be feared or pathologised.

The therapy prioritizes the importance of gay sexuality and gay identity. But it also deals with a full range of everyday issues not specific to gay people – such as managing change and life transitions, dealing with emotions of grief and loss, coping with depression, or making ordinary, everyday progress with emotional issues that cause suffering or inhibit life. The therapy process may focus on immediate concerns and difficulties that you face in the present. Or it may help you to uncover and explore deeper underlining issues that may be at the root of very ordinary troubles. 

The aim of the therapy is very simple. It is to help each individual to develop a sense of contentment with being gay, lesbian or bisexual. But achieving the aim may be less simple. You will need to prioritize your need for professional help, and such help can only come from seeking out a therapist or counselor who is fully attuned and sensitized to the issues involved. 

About Your Therapist

I am a UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) registered psychotherapist and qualified counsellor with over 17 years of practice in the field. I maintain a keen interest in working with identity issues, cultural isolation, shame, transitions and self-empowerment. I facilitate this work with members from various cultural groups, very much including sexual and ethnic minorities.

The counselling and psychotherapy service is based in the Newhaven Marina (BN9 9GG), just 30 minutes drive from Brighton or Eastbourne or a little less on the train. The therapy venue is a few minutes walk from Newhaven Town railway station and parking space is abundant.

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This content was written by RSCPP Therapist Dr. Aileen Alleyne:

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