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Improving Relationships Group - London

By Karen Deeming MA Counselling & Psychotherapy UKCP Reg
Do you:
  • find it difficult to function in your relationships with other people?
  • find you continue to be affected by relationships from the past?
  • experience difficulties building trust and intimacy in relationships?
  • feel afraid of and controlled by people?
  • need to overcome shyness and bring more people into your life?
Then you may benefit from attending a Support Group for Improving Relationships facilitated by myself. I adopt a unique psychological and physiological approach using experiential, creative and movement exercises. The Group meets fortnightly and provides a powerful and rewarding way to develop your effectiveness, success and satisfaction in relationships.
For information about the next meeting, please use the 'Contact Me' button.
Sessions are 40.00 each, 145 for four weeks or 260 for eight weeks.

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