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Why Choose Counselling?

By Paul Mallott BA (Hons) Counselling Dip CBT
Deciding to start counselling can be a big decision to take. Here are some points to consider:
  • Counselling is not a quick fix. Several sessions or more may be required depending on the issues and concerns you wish to come to counselling for.
  • Attendance is of great importance. You need to make the time available for counselling sessions on a regular basis, so that we may progress forward with your concerns or issues.
  • If you are shy or uneasy about talking to a stranger, you can relax, as I am not hear to judge you or to tell you what to do, and I consider myself to be very empathic and understanding - most people find me easy to communicate with.
Counselling can help you manage your problems in living more effectively and to develop unused resources and missed opportunities, together we can work through the issues you may have.

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