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What is Counselling?

By Paul Mallott BA (Hons) Counselling Dip CBT
You may come to counselling because you have a crisis, some troubles, doubts, difficulties, frustrations or concerns. These 'problems' may be causing you emotional turmoil which you are finding hard to come to terms with or deal with by yourself. By coming to a counsellor you can get the help you need to manage these problems more effectively.  
Counselling provides an opportunity to develop an understanding of why you are in such a state and what you can do to move forward in life. Understanding why you feel the way you do and making changes can help alleviate the feelings of being frightened or overwhelmed.
The waters of life are not always calm or easy to negotiate by oneself. As a counsellor I can gradually help you to loosen and open up your thoughts and feelings, enabling you to recognise any blind spots you may have missed and to help you become more effective in dealing with issues. This is achieved by the development of trust between you and me.
Over a period of time in safe, comfortable surroundings, by using my skills and listening to you, this trust becomes the secure base from which you and I will progress, to help you, and for you to help yourself.

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