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Considering Counselling in Tough Economic Times

By Nicola Croote Dip Counselling MBACP
Have you found that the credit crunch has affected your wellbeing in that your life has taken a turn in a different direction? Do you find yourself feeling stressed and anxious about the future? Or do you resent the fact that choices about your life have been made for you making you feel out of control?
You may be experiencing feelings that are unfamiliar to you and are unsure of what your next step could be.

Maybe you have turned to alcohol, drugs or other unhelpful behaviours to help you deal with this difficult change and found that they helped in the short term but are now creating more stress and loss of control in your life.

Many people are finding themselves in a similar position at this time and are turning to counselling in order to help them adjust to their new situation. Counselling can help you to find ways of managing your stress levels and turn a new and uncomfortable change of circumstances into a beneficial and positive outcome.

Having a regular space available to you each week and someone to listen and help you find the answers that you already have within you can be hugely empowering and satisfying. Unlike the quick fix you get from alcohol, other substances or behaviours, the results are permanent and much more rewarding!
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) can be an excellent way of changing unhelpful beliefs and behaviours and can be done quickly and effectively if you are committed to achieve the results that you want. The first session would be to discuss your desired outcome and the struggles that you are currently having and then set goals to help you focus on during future sessions. I will regularly check out with you if this way of working feels right and if it doesn’t I will discuss alternative methods – I have a large therapeutic toolbox!

We can also discuss how many sessions you may realistically need. A typical duration is 6-8 sessions to explore a basic issue and to work on solutions, some deeper emotional issues can require more time. I am mindful that you may require certainty around costs in order to make counselling financially viable and I am therefore open to providing estimates so that you are clear about the financial outlay.

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