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About Anxiety and Therapy

By Caroline Kendal MBACP (Accred)

About Anxiety

Anxiety is part of life. The trouble starts when it takes over, the tension becomes overwhelming and we suffer from accompanying physical symptoms, culminating in an anxiety attack. In severe cases, anxiety attacks can be mistaken for heart attacks.
When anxiety becomes a dominant feature in our lives, we are subjected to a sense of unease and helplessness which can be very hard to escape. Anxiety can preoccupy us to such an extent that we are unable to think clearly. Our anticipation of what the future will bring can overwhelm us and we fear that everything is going to fall apart. After experiencing an anxiety attack, the fear of a repeat episode can be as distressing as the attack itself.


Anxiety is often an outlet for strong, unvoiced feelings we are carrying. When we start to explore what lies beneath the anxiety and listen to those unvoiced feelings, we are often surprised to discover what the anxiety is really about.



Knowing that there is a place each week to offload and contain anxiety can be very comforting.† One type of therapy, known as cognitive behavioural therapy, deals with anxiety by addressing the symptoms. However, it is the exploration with a therapist of what lies beneath that diffuses the anxiety and leaves us less vulnerable to the chaos that anxiety brings.†

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